Welcome to Our Fall 2017 Campaign!

"Your journey begins in a kingdom fallen prey to a great economic recession. In an attempt to bring back wealth to the kingdom, you find yourselves as trailblazers for the crown traveling to the far western frontier in hopes of establishing a new way of life. Aided by a band of skilled men and women, you aim to restore and expand the old military outpost of Last Hearth to that of its former glory. However, things are not as easy as they seem as you soon find out that you are now face to face with the very force of nature itself."


Hi everyone,

While we play Dungeons & Dragons, this site will help manage our adventures beginning with our Fall 2017 campaign. As players you will be able to update your character information, review adventure logs, check our personalized calendar for events, and participate in discussions in the forums.

I will also be managing a wiki that will contain important information such as NPC information, locations, items, and events that will be updated as we continue to play the game.


Fall 2017

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